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In Sober Living, you have the opportunity to develop healthy life-long friendships and practice your tools learned from Treatment and your 12 step recovery program.  Some of these tools include: Setting healthy boundaries, coping skills, accountability,  self-worth,  confidence  and  humility. You learn to have fun  without substances,  build a recovery network for yourself, establish a foundation for the rest of your recovery journey and continuously change addict behaviors to recovery behaviors.

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​Live, Laugh, Love SOBER!

Sobriety 1st Sober Living is family owned and operated in Aurora, Colorado and surrounding areas. Our goal is to encourage and inspire personal growth through genuine support, education and spiritual development. This has proven to be beneficial for maintaining sobriety for the lives of those who take the steps and make serious efforts to be free from addiction from all walks of life.

Sobriety 1st Sober Living provides gender based affordable, beautifully furnished clean homes, fully structured, strict alcohol and drug free environments that offers a positive place for adult peer group recovery support. Sober 1st housing promotes individual recovery by offering a solid environment that allows our residents to develop individual recovery programs and become self-supporting not only during their stay with Sobriety 1st, but to help sustain sobriety after they move on as well.
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Live, Laugh, Love SOBER!